Rent defaulters

Regular payment of rent is a basic tenant obligation. Do you know what to do if a tenant fails to pay? Is eviction possible? And who pays for any legal proceedings?

Entrust the management of your property to our professionals and leave the unpleasant dealings with rent defaulters to us. Spend your time on more pleasant matters, don't waste time on disputes with the defaulter.

What happens when a tenant stops paying rent? Is it possible to evict them? And who pays the costs of the proceedings?

Thanks to the careful selection of tenants, we are able to prevent such situations from occurring. However, if they do occur, we proceed in accordance with the Civil Code. First, we try to make a reasonable agreement with the tenants on the repayment schedule or the termination of the contract, and only after that do we take legal action. The costs in such a case shall be borne by the plaintiff. The court recovers the claim and also the costs of the proceedings together with interest on arrears. With the “Guarantor” service, where we use sublease agreements, we have more options and we can evict the subtenant immediately at their expense.

Will tenants always paint the flat after the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease, we evaluate the condition of the wall paint. We require the tenant to paint if the walls are dirty or there are holes in the plaster after nails, wall plugs, etc. We inform tenants of the price for painting when concluding the lease agreement. If painting is needed, they will pay the price or it will be deducted from their deposit (as per the agreement). We do not let tenants paint the flat themselves, as the result is always sub par. After painting, of course, we clean the flat.

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