Who pays for the repairs?

Every occupier of rented accommodation gets into a situation once in a while where they need to have an appliance checked or a minor repair carried out. But who pays for these repairs in the flat? Does the tenant share in the cost?

Leave the hassle of apartment inspections or repairs to us and use your time more efficiently. We have a lot of experience in technical management and we will be happy to take care of your property.

Is the tenant involved in routine repairs and maintenance of the flat? In what amount?

Yes, according to the law, the tenant participates in minor repairs and maintenance of the flat, always up to CZK 100/m2 of the floor area of the flat for a period of one year (i.e. for a flat of 40m2 it is CZK 4,000). The tenant’s one-time payment for a repair must not exceed CZK 1,000.

Who pays for any damage for which the tenant is not responsible?

On behalf of the tenant, we always take out household insurance and liability insurance with a limit of CZK 2,000,000. Any major damages would therefore be covered by the insurance.

How often do you inspect the flat in person?

Always once every 6 months. We check the condition of the flat unit, its furnishing and appliances and also whether the tenant is using the flat in accordance with the lease agreement and house rules. Information on the result of the inspection, including photos, can be found in the on-line client zone. If we find a defect, we will immediately ensure their correction, repair or complaint.

I want to rent an apartment without worries

We would be happy to personally go over your property management options with you.

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