How to rent a flat

How to equip the apartment properly? How to photograph it? How to write an attractive advertisement? How to choose a reliable tenant? Or how to prepare a good rental agreement?

We have 20 years of experience. Although even we can sometimes be surprised by something, we know how to market apartments correctly, how to select suitable tenants and how to prepare a secure tenancy agreement. We are happy to advise you.

What is the price of your services?

We offer two services with different specifications and therefore different pricing calculations. For the “Guarantor” service, our commission amounts to a maximum of 15% of the agreed rent (excluding energy). We pay the guaranteed amount every month, regardless of the occupancy of your flat. If we rent the apartment for a higher amount than we have agreed, we share the difference with you (for example, if the agreed amount is CZK 20,000, we regularly send CZK 17,000. When the rent increases to CZK 25,000, we will begin sending you CZK 19,500). For the “Partner” service, the commission is only 10% of the net rent agreed at a given time. With a rent of CZK 20,000, it is CZK 18,000. However, you only collect money for the time when the apartment is actually occupied.

Is it worth using your services if I can collect more money when renting directly?

Based on our experience, we dare say yes. With us, you eliminate financial losses in case of problems with non-payers and also in the case of termination of lease and search for a new tenant.

According to statistics, 20% of landlords deal with problems concerning non-payers. If you are using our Guarantor service, you will receive the agreed amount regardless of whether the tenant pays (we take on the risk). If you have a Partner service, we take care of any recovery of the rent due by agreement and repayment schedule, in extreme cases also in court.

A significant advantage is also that we save our clients around 60 hours of worries regarding the upkeep of their rented flat a year. We make all the arrangements.

What is the difference between real estate agency services and your flat management services?

Real estate agencies are limited to finding a tenant, so their interest is only in concluding a contract as soon as possible. Their work ends there. Unlike these real estate agencies, we provide a wide range of services – we verify the creditworthiness of the future tenant, monitor payments, handle repairs, complaints, communication with owners associations, lease agreements, regularly check the condition of the flat, recover debt if necessary, etc. We take care of the entrusted flat as if it were our own, we are seeking long-term cooperation with both the owner and the tenant.

What will be my role? What documents will you need from me and what do I need to arrange?

Above all, you can enjoy the time saved, because we have you covered for everything involving the rental. Initially, however, we will not be able to avoid some paperwork: we will need a prescription for monthly advances, contact to Owners Associations and the management company, invoices for electricity and gas, instructions from appliances and important information about your flat that we should know. And of course, the keys to the flat, house and common areas and ideally the energy label and floor plan of the flat. You will then see all the essentials in the on-line client zone. We are of course available on the phone or by e-mail at any time.

Can I hand over the flat to your care, even if it is already occupied by tenants?

Yes. We will of course introduce ourselves to your existing tenant, explain our role, and pass on our contact information. Then you can let go of the worries about the rent; we will take care of everything.

Can I approve the tenant myself?

At the beginning of the cooperation, we find out what your idea of ​​an ideal tenant is and we respect your wishes. The tenant is then chosen by us. Very carefully of course, and based on many years of experience, so there is no need to worry.

How are tenants verified?

Unlike most competitors, we check future tenants in bank and non-bank registers and in the register of foreclosures and insolvency debtors. We also always get to know each tenant in person first; we are interested in, for example, where they work and what their interests are.

What if the flat fails to get rented?

Such a situation will not occur. Of course, the higher the rent requirement, the longer the wait for its occupancy (and vice versa). It also takes a little longer to rent exclusive apartments (large, equipped above standard, or located in an outstanding location). Due to the calculation of our remuneration, we are motivated to occupy the flat as quickly as possible and at the highest possible price. If the flat fails to get occupied in a longer stretch of time, we will discuss other options with you.

What if the flat gets rented for a higher price than was originally agreed (Guarantor service)?

It’s simple – we will share the amount in excess of the guaranteed rent with you. For example, if the agreed amount is CZK 20,000, we would send you CZK 17,000 after deducting our commission. But if we rent the flat for CZK 25,000, we will send you CZK 19,500. The procedure is the same even if the price of the sublease increases over time.

What if the flat can be rented for a higher price than was originally agreed (Partner service)?

You get more money. Our fee is always calculated as 10% of the amount currently paid by tenants. We view the agreement we made with you as being indicative of the minimum amount for which you want to rent a flat.


I see higher rental prices on real estate servers, why are you offering me less?

In the real estate market, we work with offer prices and market prices. Real estate servers display offer prices, but market prices are usually (and sometimes significantly) lower. The overview of market prices is maintained by individual providers of real estate services themselves; you will not find them anywhere in a comprehensive form. In any case, it is in our interest to rent your flat for the highest possible price, at the price level corresponding with the given locality.

Will an administration fee be charged even if the flat is unoccupied?

No. We always charge the administrative fee only from the rent paid. When the flat is unoccupied, you do not pay us anything. In 97% of cases, however, we will occupy the entrusted property within 14 days at the latest.

Do you recommend offering a furnished or empty flat?

In our experience, it is best if the flat is equipped with basic furnishings – kitchen with appliances (stove, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator with freezer), storage space (cabinets or built-in cabinets) and interior lighting. The tenant will either arrange other things themselves, or after agreement with you, we can arrange the purchase, delivery and installation of any equipment on favourable terms.

Do I have to be present during flat tours?

No. Our most important mission is to save your time. All tours are arranged by our trained personal real estate managers.

Will you explain and show tenants how to use the home appliances and technology?

Yes. Based on documents from you, we will show and explain everything to tenants. At the same time, we will provide them with a written or electronic version of the instructions for use of appliances and technology.

Who will pay Owners Association fees and energy fees?

Fees to Owners Associations remain up to the owner of the flat. Upon agreement, we can send the fees on your behalf.

We always recommend transferring energy charges (gas, electricity) to the tenant. The tenant then reimburses most of these costs together with the rent in the form of a deposit for the services provided.

Who will communicate with me on behalf of Flat Service?

For the entire duration of the lease, you will be in the care of a Leasing Manager, who will have all the essential information gathered for you. You will also be able to enter your requirements into the on-line client zone where you can continuously monitor their resolution status. You can also contact us by e-mail. There is also a 24/7 emergency service available to you.

I want to rent an apartment without worries

We would be happy to personally go over your property management options with you.

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